Derek and Autumn have been married for 5 years.  You’re probably wondering why the following images showcase a beautiful bride and groom? Well, because Autumn made the decision to have new photos taken of them so she can make a wall display.  I found this inspiring.  #1, because (I can’t lie), she is 5 yrs post wedding and IN HER WEDDING DRESS.  Yes, I was hatin’ on her just a wee bit.  #2, big confession here from a wedding photographer…my husband and I did not have real wedding photos taken of us on our wedding day.  *GASP*  To this day, I’ve regretted this.  It’s a long story, but ultimately, it involves a destination wedding, NO professional photographer (this is where the long story lies), and being left with snapshots of our wedding day.  Now, don’t think I’m knocking those snapshots.  I truly treasure them.  They are very special to me and can still induce a tear or two!  What I regret though, is returning home and not hiring a photographer to photograph us in our formals.  I meant to.  This was 9 years ago.  Up until now, I’ve used this as a lesson to those looking for a (trustworthy!) photographer (who will show up on your day and photograph you!) and how you don’t want to look back 9 years later and have any regrets.  After meeting this stunning couple last night, I was truly inspired.  Next year when we hit 10 married years, I think I will follow Derek and Autumn’s example <3 (…setting down the cookie I have in my hand now.  That dress WILL fit next year!)

These two were amazing: willing to do anything as long as the result was a rockin’ image of them (I LOVE couples like this!)  This session was a collaborative effort with my dear friend, Jenica Lemmons of Lemon Drops Photography.  Love that girl.  I can ramble on forever, so I’ll end this now and let you see the results of our evening together.  Enjoy!

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

Wedding Photographer, Portland Metro Area

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27 Responses to “Wedding Photographer, Vancouver, WA | It’s never too late”

  1. Jaw dropping. Gorgeous. Stunning. Breath taking. Wow.

  2. So unbelievably stunning. You rock girl.

  3. Tamara says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous as always! Love them.

  4. Kristi says:

    AH.MAZ.ING!! Gorgeous couple and you caputured them perfectly!

  5. melody says:

    seriously gorgeous! I had no idea you were in portland!

  6. Robbie says:

    Spectacular!! Truly gorgeous work – the lighting is just wonderful. They must be so thrilled!

  7. WOW – that’s about all I can say. Just wow! I love that they chose to do this. And you Amber, are truly amazing!

  8. tabitha says:

    wow, just beautiful!

  9. Liz says:

    Beautiful work!

  10. ashley says:

    Every time I visit your blog I know that I am going to see something that is nothing less than amazing! Gorgeous work, as always!

  11. Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. I LOVE your work. You inspire me! What a gorgeous couple too and I KNOW they are going to treasure these!

  12. Oh my! Stunning gown, stunning couple, and of course stunning images! I agree with Ashley – I always know that I will see AMAZING images each time I visit your blog. They take my breath away each and every time. <3

  13. WOW – these are stunning! What a gorgeous couple, and the lighting and processing in these are beautiful!

  14. Salina J says:

    Gorgeous! Beautiful light and color, and great-looking couple.

  15. Jen says:

    *speechless* My jaw is hanging somewhere around my knees right now. I am so impressed with this session and the gorgeous couple. When I first saw these images, I thought it was a model shoot. I just went back and read what you wrote about how they are creating beautiful images 5 years after their wedding. I am just totally speechless.

  16. dsr says:

    These are gorgeous Amber! The story makes them that much more meaningful. You did their vision proud!

  17. Wowee, each and every one is a pure work of art. If this beautiful “bride” wanted a wall gallery, she is sure going to have one. She would wallpaper her entire house with this much beauty!

  18. natalie says:

    ummmm…. hello GORGEOUS!!! WOW! she is beautiful and so are these pics! GREAT JOB!

  19. very very pretty Amber!!

  20. Dawn says:

    #1. Wow!!! On many accounts but because these are gorgeous, and be cause of the story. #2. I DID hire a photographer for my wedding, but they even turned out like snapshots. So… eh, maybe I’ll just buy a new dress because I ain’t fittin’ into that dress again :) SO great, Amber!! AND Jenica!

  21. Amy says:

    Beautifullly done wedding Amber! I really like those last few especially! Graceful posing as well.

  22. Wow! Each one is more stunning that the previous. The light is dreamy, the bride beautiful, her dress is to die for, the location is gorgeous! Their love and connection is evident in these images – five years later!

  23. Gen says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. Great work, Amber! :)

  24. Jen Gasper says:

    Do you even know how incredibly awesome you are? I love these! You are truly an artist and I can see your passion in each image!

  25. Gen says:

    That bride is gorgeous! Great session! :)

  26. CJ Wilkes says:

    That last image is so stunning. I love it!

  27. Kate Craft says:

    These are amazing, stunning, gorgeous!!!