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Hi.  I’m human.  I go on vacation and stuff like everyone else and I like to take pics of my kids.  I also like to post pics of my kids because well, I’m pretty dang proud of those two monkeys and I like to show them off 😉  You know what I don’t like doing?  Lugging 10,000 lbs of expensive gear with me on vacation.  Last year, I decided to travel with nothing but my iPhone camera.  This year, I packed 2 rolls of film and my 20mm and decided that was that!  So, here is our trip to Palm Springs on FILM.  These are the first rolls I’ve shot in about 15 years and I forgot how much I adore it.  You know what’s great about film?  I shoot, ship it off, then I’m blessed with 72 images in PRINT.  No processing or editing and I’m blessed with a stacks of prints from our vacation <3  Proof that we were there: something I can slip into a frame and enjoy year round.  I’m a lover of digital files and still firmly believe in their value.  However, this is absolutely why I always provide reference prints of each digital file.  Not only so you have reference as to the quality of color and processing of each file on your disc, but so you have a tangible product.  Something you can rotate through desk frames and hold in your hands.  There’s just something about holding a print that I find so satisfying…

For the camera nerds: Nikon F100, Fuji Pro 400H, Nikkor 20mm 2.8











I wanted to do something a bit different with this session.  The A family was up for anything, which made me so incredibly happy!  We met in Moscow, ID for a more urban look.  They were so fun and funky, that this type of session really suited them!  Thank you so much A family!  You truly have a beautiful family (and the most adorable children!) and I had a great time at our session!  Here’s your sneak peek!


I LOVE this moment between A and Daddy!


A and B were about done with having their photos taken, so Daddy took them aside to read a quick book.  The look of sheer joy on A’s face makes me smile each time I look at this image!



I don’t typically share personal photos here on this blog, but I’ve been on vacation again and wanted to post something!  These are our portraits by Tara Staton of Sequim, WA.  She is an amazing photographer and an absolute sweetheart!  Really, if you’re ever in Western Washington, please look her up!  She’s wonderful!

There’s a MAJOR problem with all of these photos.  My issue is…I cannot decide which ones to blow up huge and hang on my walls!  At least one of these will be a 30×40 canvas. I’ll also be doing a couple 16×20 gallery mounts as well as storyboards.  I’m planning on a very large display in my living room.  In fact, I think I’ll post a sample display here so you can all see what I’ve decided on!  Also, it will give you a better idea of what a large display looks like!

I think this will be a storyboard!









I had the pleasure of meeting sweet baby K, his mom and grandmother the other day!  I had so much fun with them all!  I had them meet me up on the WSU campus so we could take advantage of the beautiful architecture before all the students returned.  Little did I know, the first place I set up to shoot was close to where both baby K’s parents AND grandparents had met for the first time!  It was really cool to photograph the result of the love shared between both couples in the spot where it all began!


I absolutely adore the moment caught here!


Don’t they look a lot alike here?


I love his coy little smirk here


I finally got away for a much needed vacation!  It was wonderful.  While away, I had the pleasure of meeting up with another photographer friend in Sequim, WA!  The incredibly talented Tara Staton and her gorgeous family met with us and we took photos of each other’s families.  It was a little crazy with two 3 year olds and a 10 month old that had missed her naps, but we still had a great time!  Tara is a fantastic photographer and I felt so honored to both capture photos of her family and to have her beautiful work gracing my walls!  Please check out her site at:

They are such a beautiful family!