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We took our first actual family vacation last week; the kind that includes FLYING!  It was glorious.  My children are incredible travelers.  In fact, I believe I may have whined more than them.  Hey, mama needs her Starbucks when flying at 6am, okay?  Things get all cranky up in this place.  My girls loved everything about traveling.  It was amazing seeing things from their perspectives: the tall ceilings in the airport, the moving sidewalks, the extreme turbulence on our flight that induced giggles.  All things I don’t notice (or really, really hate about flying).  We began the week in Palm Springs with family and ended at the Happiest Place on Earth.  I won’t lie, I teared up seeing the absolute joy on my children’s faces.  It was amazing.  It’s late and I’m full of emotion as I look through these photos again!  I’ll end now, but I have to tell you that I, the photographer, left her camera at HOME for this trip.  That’s right.  I did.  Each of these images were shot with my iPhone 4, with the exception of the underwater shot!  Please don’t go taking your iPhone for a swim, mkay?  You won’t get any ‘purdy underwater shots with it.  At least, I don’t think so?  I’ll let YOU test that one out and report back to me (btw, not responsible for damages to any iPhones submerged in the name of getting underwater pics)

**Disclaimer #1, all shot with my iPhone 4.

***Disclaimer #2, all pics by me with exception of the 3 pics with me in them.  The husband gave me the what-for over not crediting his mad snap-shot skills in this post. SO, photo credit:  Mr Amber Anderson for any pic of me with the girls, with ONE exception 😛  Photo credit: random Disneyland stranger for the cheesiest pic of all four of us in front of the castle.  There ya go.  All nice and legal-like.


It’s not vacation without swimming.  A LOT of swimming.  I think pool time made up about 98% of our days.  I have fish-children.

This Teacup photo solidifies for me again why my husband and I are MFEO (<if you don’t know what that means, you’re old. HA!)  #1, the thought of turning to look behind me makes me dizzy.  Amber + teacups = NO GO.  He was happy to take the girls on the one ride they chattered on and on about for MONTHS.  #2, as they were led onto the ride platform, I focused my energy into this thought: “DUDE, pick the purple teacup in the LIGHT, man!  Purple teacup! Purple teacup!  PURPLE TEACUP!!”  People were looking at me like I was insane, I may have said it aloud?  …   Regardless, he led the girls to the one purple teacup that was gloriously bathed in a natural spotlight and I quickly got into position and fired off a shot before they started spinning.  I love that man.

Now please, click along and enjoy the beauty of all the other photographers in this circle!  Next up, Anelle Richardson!  She’s superwoman.  No lie.

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19 Responses to “Family Photographer, Vancouver, WA | Life Stories Series: The story of us…”

  1. amy lenhart says:

    what a great trip!! love these and great shots with your iphone! who would of guessed!!

  2. It looks like your girls agree that it is the happiest place on earth! 🙂 And, you rock your iPhone camera! (Not surprised, but wow, your talent slays me!)

  3. This just goes to show that when you are a talented photographer with a mad knowledge of light and an understanding how to use even a phone for pictures, you can get good results. And girl, you look AMAZING in that bathing suit. Looks like a fun trip!

  4. Audrey says:

    Great images, love seeing pictures of your vacation! I need to learn how to rock my iphone like you do!

  5. Sarah says:

    Amazing – I love how you are able to capture the light so beautifully – even with your phone! *must upgrade my phone, but will still be disappointed not to have your eye and talent*

  6. Anelle says:

    I love these!!! I can’t believe the shots you got with your iphone! Just goes to show it is the photographer, not the gear!

  7. kate craft says:

    that teacup shot is to die for!!! Looks like a perfect family vaction.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Proof that you are an amazing photographer, regardless of equipment. You captured beautiful, touching moments (with gorgeous lighting!!). LOVE these.

  9. Amber, only you can rock and iphone camera like that. You have such talent! You look amazing and it looks like you guys had a blast!

  10. geez woman. seriously.. you just made me want an iphone even more. shoot! THESE ARE FANTASTIC.

  11. And, yes, if your husband lead your girls to the tea-cup in the beautiful light, you are definitely MFEO! 🙂

  12. Okay – I finally figured out what MFEO is. And yes, that makes me old! LOL You however, are young and fabulous and beautiful and crazy, crazy talented!

  13. amy says:

    What a FUN trip- and great captures of the every day moments! Fabulous 🙂

  14. All the pictures are fantastic. I especially love your husband reading on the plane. Very nice!

  15. Kelly Mack says:

    Is there anything you dont rock? The bathers, the holidays, the iphone! Your super woman! Loved your story

  16. Nancy says:

    So fun! And you so rock the iphone! Kudos to Mr. Amber as well. 🙂

  17. Gorgeous! Looks like you had a fabulous vacation!

  18. Jen says:

    This post shows how madly talented you are– your phone snaps are amazing! It looks like all of you enjoyed a fabulous vacation.

  19. Verity says:

    Looks like you guys had an AWESOME time! You have mad talent, woman.