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There are very few things that I regret in this life, but I’m about to write about one of those.  I knew this would come up eventually.  My oldest daughter sat in my lap as I edited wedding photos.  She grabbed my mouse hand to stop me and asked, “mama, can you finally show me pictures of you when you married daddy?”  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to do.  Obviously explain to her that sadly, I, Amber Anderson, photographer of weddings, do not have wedding photos.  I don’t.  We don’t.  There’s no album.  There are no framed prints.  We have nothing.  We have a couple snapshots that family shared with us and I’m so incredibly grateful for those.  Reasons.  Excuses.  I could write pages as to why we do not have wedding photos, but I’d end up weepy and popping in The Notebook and my poor husband would likely hide in the garage the rest of the night (can’t blame the dude), so I’ll skim over that part.  Cross my heart, I’m not just saying this so readers out there drop everything and call me to photograph their wedding.  I do not have wedding photos and it is something that haunts me 10 years into my marriage.  This is partly why I believe that regardless of how I feel about how I look, I WILL have family photos of my family done every year.  10 years from now, I would regret not having those.  I would.  I know me and I feel like I know the future me pretty well already.  I’d regret it (and likely resort to wine and The Notebook, yet again…)

Today, a wide-eyed, beautiful girl in my lap made me realize that my dress did no one any good packed away in a closet.  Today, we unpacked it.  Today, two little girls gently caressed the lace and wrapped themselves in tulle.  They danced and twirled and admired themselves in the mirror.  Today, my sweet baby girls gave me photos of my wedding dress that make this mama’s heart swell.

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Think back to when you were a little kid.  Really little.  Do you remember how you felt when you got a fancy new outfit for a big event?  Do you remember spinning around and around until you were so dizzy the entire room spun circles once you stopped; all because that new skirt was so perfectly twirly?  I was always a shoe girl.  The memories are fading a bit, but I still remember the ride to the shoe store as a little kid.  I was always on my best behavior because there was NO way I was going to risk the possibility of leaving that store without a new pair of fancy dress shoes.  I loved the smell of the shoe store: new leather and cardboard.  I would suffer the pinching and scraping of an ill-fitting pair if they were beautiful.  I’d smile and nod and tell my mom they were just perfect.  Today, I let my little girls try on the dress clothes they’ll be wearing to an event this weekend.  Their eyes lit up.  There were smiles.  There was much twirling.  There was tap dancing across the floor in brand new Mary Janes.  I wish I still got excited over something so small.  Like dandelions.  Weeds.  Pests.  Things that need to be pulled and destroyed.  To my girls though, they may as well be roses.  They pick them by the handful and when they wilt and bend over the side of the Mason jar, they pick me more.  They love the sunny yellow petals and are so proud when they bring new a new bunch.  Today, I looked at one very closely.  You know what?  Those dang weeds are actually beautiful when you look at the little details that are so easily overlooked.

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We took our first actual family vacation last week; the kind that includes FLYING!  It was glorious.  My children are incredible travelers.  In fact, I believe I may have whined more than them.  Hey, mama needs her Starbucks when flying at 6am, okay?  Things get all cranky up in this place.  My girls loved everything about traveling.  It was amazing seeing things from their perspectives: the tall ceilings in the airport, the moving sidewalks, the extreme turbulence on our flight that induced giggles.  All things I don’t notice (or really, really hate about flying).  We began the week in Palm Springs with family and ended at the Happiest Place on Earth.  I won’t lie, I teared up seeing the absolute joy on my children’s faces.  It was amazing.  It’s late and I’m full of emotion as I look through these photos again!  I’ll end now, but I have to tell you that I, the photographer, left her camera at HOME for this trip.  That’s right.  I did.  Each of these images were shot with my iPhone 4, with the exception of the underwater shot!  Please don’t go taking your iPhone for a swim, mkay?  You won’t get any ‘purdy underwater shots with it.  At least, I don’t think so?  I’ll let YOU test that one out and report back to me (btw, not responsible for damages to any iPhones submerged in the name of getting underwater pics)

**Disclaimer #1, all shot with my iPhone 4.

***Disclaimer #2, all pics by me with exception of the 3 pics with me in them.  The husband gave me the what-for over not crediting his mad snap-shot skills in this post. SO, photo credit:  Mr Amber Anderson for any pic of me with the girls, with ONE exception 😛  Photo credit: random Disneyland stranger for the cheesiest pic of all four of us in front of the castle.  There ya go.  All nice and legal-like.


It’s not vacation without swimming.  A LOT of swimming.  I think pool time made up about 98% of our days.  I have fish-children.

This Teacup photo solidifies for me again why my husband and I are MFEO (<if you don’t know what that means, you’re old. HA!)  #1, the thought of turning to look behind me makes me dizzy.  Amber + teacups = NO GO.  He was happy to take the girls on the one ride they chattered on and on about for MONTHS.  #2, as they were led onto the ride platform, I focused my energy into this thought: “DUDE, pick the purple teacup in the LIGHT, man!  Purple teacup! Purple teacup!  PURPLE TEACUP!!”  People were looking at me like I was insane, I may have said it aloud?  …   Regardless, he led the girls to the one purple teacup that was gloriously bathed in a natural spotlight and I quickly got into position and fired off a shot before they started spinning.  I love that man.

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I decided to showcase my youngest this month.  If you know her, you know that what I type here is not clouded by my relationship with her.  This is my baby and she is one of the most gentle little souls I’ve ever encountered.  I usually like to brag that she’s a clone of myself as a child, but she’s not.   She’s the best of me and the best of her daddy all rolled into a little chunkamunk of sweetness.  When you’re in pain, she feels it and will make every effort to make you feel better.  When she hurts, your heart aches a thousand times more than if you were the one hurting.  When you’re angry, she’ll moonwalk across the floor while beat-boxing and end with jazz hands.  If that doesn’t melt your icy heart, I’m not sure what would.  She asked me one day, what the lines around my eyes were called.  I sighed and told her they were called wrinkles.  She smiled, then told me her favorite part of my smile were my wrinkles.  That they made my face look happy.  She’s changed the way I look at everything.  She feels every emotion so much deeper than most.  It worries me that she’ll be hurt often in life because of that, but I also imagine all the beauty she will bring to others because of it.  If you’ve met her, she likely buried her head into me and didn’t speak to you.  I guarantee you though, she spoke about you when you left and pointed out all the beautiful things about you.  She’s quick to laugh.  She’s a comedian.  She’s a nurturer.  She’s an observer.  She’s a sensitive soul.  She’s quick to cry.  She’s shy.  She’s beautiful.  She’s mine.

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So this week, I pulled out my camera while I was playing with the girls.  We had built a very extravagant (well, as extravagant as an old sheet and duct tape can possibly be…) castle in our living room.  We had an army of scantily clad Barbies battling dragons, dinosaurs and questionable characters in an effort to free my two warrior princesses.  And then life called.  It reminded me that my little girl isn’t as invincible as that warrior princess who just slayed the 130 foot “dragon.”  I decided to show photos of this, the painful side of our REAL life, instead of only sharing the good parts.  My little girl has asthma.  Nope, it’s not the end of the world.  Yep, we count our blessings each and everyday that it’s nothing worse than this.  I can tell you though, that at the first sniffle or wheeze, our stomachs flip and we wonder if her newest drug protocol will work.  We don’t wonder IF, but WHEN and how long we’ll be in the hospital.  It means that every cold will not simply pass in 5-7 days, but instead become a battle against pneumonia.  It means we watch our strong, amazing girl lie nearly lifeless as she struggles to breathe.  Typical for us, one of her allergies was triggered as we played and she had a flare up.  Typical for us, she balked when I told her we needed a breathing treatment NOW.  So here we are.  This is part of our regular life and I’m sharing it with you today.

A valiant effort on her part, but hiding did NOT get her out of a decent dose of Albuterol today.
Family Photographer, Vancouver, WA


My sweet little girl…hoping she grows out of this very soon.

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