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I think the title says it all. I love seniors.  I frickin’, frackin’ LOVE shooting seniors!!  I love the on-site outfit consultations (‘girl, that looks FAB.U.LOUS!!’), I love posing and molding them and coaxing out expressions they didn’t know they could give.  I love that these young adults are full of promise and hope and energy.  *Sigh*  Love senior sessions.  The session I’m showcasing below is one of my favorite types of senior sessions: BFF sessions.  Only a good friend will know when your hair is “doing that thing you like, really, really HATE.”  Only a good friend would say, “WAIT!  She needs my boots with that outfit!” and rip them off her own feet to create the perfect outfit for her friend.  I love all the laughter, the jokes and the memories made at these sessions!  SO, without babbling on any further, check out the stunning young women I got to work with recently…

Senior Photography | Amber Anderson Photography | Vancouver, WA | Portland, OR

Senior Photography | Amber Anderson Photography | Vancouver, WA | Portland, OR

Senior Photography | Amber Anderson Photography | Vancouver, WA | Portland, OR

Senior Photography | Amber Anderson Photography | Vancouver, WA | Portland, OR

Senior Photography | Amber Anderson Photography | Vancouver, WA | Portland, OR

Okay, I know this is a little late and I KNOW this is a total brag post (I’m not even gonna TRY to mask that little fact!  Haha!), but dang, I was excited about this and finally had an opportunity to sit and post about it!  I don’t know if you’ve heard of a national blog called The Maternal Lens, but if you follow photography you’ll know that it’s a biggie!  And guess you they featured?  Little ‘ol ME!!  Yip, yip!  So, if you’re interested in seeing this little gem of an article (and yes, there are photos!), then get that clickin’ finger ready and pop into the link below!

Amber Anderson Photography featured on The Maternal Lens (click me!  click me!)

And because I can’t have an image-less post on my blog, here’s one from my Bits n’ Pieces. BnP’s are little glimpses into my personal life…snaps of my kids, me, us livin’ and lovin’ (because that’s what it’s all about 😉 )  I usually keep these on Facebook, but since this is a “me” post anyway, I figured I’d throw it on here!

Amber Anderson Photography Vancouver, WA Photographer

Is there anything more beautiful than a head full of red hair?  I don’t think so!  This senior was gorgeous inside and out!  We were cursed with heavy down pours all afternoon, complete with the occasional lightening strike!  Regardless, she smiled, posed and followed along happily.  I should say the same about her mom–aka, my fabulous assistant who held an umbrella over my camera too many times to count while I shot away!  Thank you again for not being afraid of a little rain!  I had a fantastic time.

It’s been 2 years in the making, but it’s finally happened…we’ve moved!  My poor blog has been horribly neglected this spring as I’ve been working hard to balance sessions, packing and 2 toddlers!  It was a long and difficult process, but we up and moved all the way across the state to the Portland/Vancouver area.  You’ll be flooded by posts from me very soon, promise.

And no post is complete without a photo of some sort, so here is one from good ol’ Pullman.

What a fantastic day for a session!  January usually means snow and very cold temps, but we had an almost spring-like day this past Sunday!  I met with such a fun mom and senior for my last senior session of the 2010 graduating class.  This poor guy had to be exhausted.  He does it ALL!  Football, baseball, basketball…he had 3 games last week alone including a 5 hour bus ride the night before our session.  I was worn out just talking to him about it!  I can only imagine how his parents feel!

It was difficult for me to narrow this sneak peek down to only a handful of images.  Some people are just naturals in front of the camera and G is definitely one of them (whether he wants to hear it or not!)  It was such a pleasure working with him and now…the session preview…

Now, I have to tell a little story about this last set of images.  Only under one circumstance will the local high school allow a player to keep his football jersey–and it’s not a reason that anyone actually wants to experience.  This fall, this jersey was cut from G’s body by paramedics during a game.  It may be difficult to see now, but fortunately, all that’s left of the event is a seam down the front where the cut was mended.  G escaped any permanent injury.  He finished the fall season, is currently battling through the midst of the basketball season and he’s anxiously looking forward to spring baseball!  What a blessing!