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As a photographer, I am granted a unique perspective on your family.  And you know what?  You are beautiful.  Right now, you may be living in a world of diaper changes, sticky peanut butter hands, and crying fits over milk being poured into the “wrong cup”…  But you give me something special; something I will always value and appreciate.  You allow me to see everything that fills your heart to the brim.  The moments that are actually plentiful, but sometimes unfairly overshadowed by the difficult moments in parenthood.  I get to look through my lens and see love, literally frozen in time.  And I smile as I scroll through.  I smile and feel very grateful that you’ve allowed me to see something so special and intimate.






Hi.  I’m human.  I go on vacation and stuff like everyone else and I like to take pics of my kids.  I also like to post pics of my kids because well, I’m pretty dang proud of those two monkeys and I like to show them off 😉  You know what I don’t like doing?  Lugging 10,000 lbs of expensive gear with me on vacation.  Last year, I decided to travel with nothing but my iPhone camera.  This year, I packed 2 rolls of film and my 20mm and decided that was that!  So, here is our trip to Palm Springs on FILM.  These are the first rolls I’ve shot in about 15 years and I forgot how much I adore it.  You know what’s great about film?  I shoot, ship it off, then I’m blessed with 72 images in PRINT.  No processing or editing and I’m blessed with a stacks of prints from our vacation <3  Proof that we were there: something I can slip into a frame and enjoy year round.  I’m a lover of digital files and still firmly believe in their value.  However, this is absolutely why I always provide reference prints of each digital file.  Not only so you have reference as to the quality of color and processing of each file on your disc, but so you have a tangible product.  Something you can rotate through desk frames and hold in your hands.  There’s just something about holding a print that I find so satisfying…

For the camera nerds: Nikon F100, Fuji Pro 400H, Nikkor 20mm 2.8











Amy and Paul had traveled from Boston and extended their trip by a day to make this engagement session happen.  There was no possibility of allowing rain to ruin this for us!  The I-5 bridge holds a special significance for them and we felt so blessed that the skies lifted enough to catch a glimpse of it.  Enjoy!

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