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When NYC photographer and author Colleen contacted me about the possibility of shooting her North Carolina wedding, I felt honored and flattered with a little touch of “that’s flipping AWESOME” thrown in.  I love a challenge.  I love walking into a situation that’s completely new and foreign to me and doing my thang.  What I *really* love are the people I meet through this job of mine.  I’m constantly amazed by just how small this world is.  Had I not been featured on a blog, Colleen would not have seen my work and we never would’ve met.  I never would’ve met Colleen or Sean or their families.  I never would’ve been introduced to a “shot in a syringe” (<still marveling at the sheer brilliance of this).  I wouldn’t have been witness to one of the funniest wedding ceremonies I’ve attended thus far.  The list continues on and on here, so before I go into what a travesty it would’ve been to have never seen the beauty of North Carolina, I’ll stop and post some dang photos already.  And if you notice LOTS-o-party shots, it’s because Colleen and Sean know how to throw DOWN!

A very special thank you to my dear, dear friend Sarah Bezila of Berrytree Photography for assisting and making the 6 hour roadtrip up from Atlanta with me to shoot backup.  Mega love for this chick.

Venue: Magnolia Manor, Highpoint, North Carolina


Photo booth shots….  You NEVER know what you’re going to get with these!  Haha!  With a fun group like this though, I should’ve expected some hilarity!



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