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There are very few things that I regret in this life, but I’m about to write about one of those.  I knew this would come up eventually.  My oldest daughter sat in my lap as I edited wedding photos.  She grabbed my mouse hand to stop me and asked, “mama, can you finally show me pictures of you when you married daddy?”  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to do.  Obviously explain to her that sadly, I, Amber Anderson, photographer of weddings, do not have wedding photos.  I don’t.  We don’t.  There’s no album.  There are no framed prints.  We have nothing.  We have a couple snapshots that family shared with us and I’m so incredibly grateful for those.  Reasons.  Excuses.  I could write pages as to why we do not have wedding photos, but I’d end up weepy and popping in The Notebook and my poor husband would likely hide in the garage the rest of the night (can’t blame the dude), so I’ll skim over that part.  Cross my heart, I’m not just saying this so readers out there drop everything and call me to photograph their wedding.  I do not have wedding photos and it is something that haunts me 10 years into my marriage.  This is partly why I believe that regardless of how I feel about how I look, I WILL have family photos of my family done every year.  10 years from now, I would regret not having those.  I would.  I know me and I feel like I know the future me pretty well already.  I’d regret it (and likely resort to wine and The Notebook, yet again…)

Today, a wide-eyed, beautiful girl in my lap made me realize that my dress did no one any good packed away in a closet.  Today, we unpacked it.  Today, two little girls gently caressed the lace and wrapped themselves in tulle.  They danced and twirled and admired themselves in the mirror.  Today, my sweet baby girls gave me photos of my wedding dress that make this mama’s heart swell.

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I smiled as I shot these.  I smiled even bigger when I uploaded these for editing.  We spent only about 40 minutes together, but in our short time, I learned that Princess Jasmine was a fav.  I learned that even with flights, long days spent traveling, messed up schedules, time zone changes and being up past bedtime, those girls adore their mama and daddy and these photos show that the sentiment is obviously mutual <3  Thank you to this beautiful family for spending one of your evenings with me while visiting from Alaska!

I easily could’ve posted their entire session here, but for those of you on slow connections, I’ll spare you: