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Think back to when you were a little kid.  Really little.  Do you remember how you felt when you got a fancy new outfit for a big event?  Do you remember spinning around and around until you were so dizzy the entire room spun circles once you stopped; all because that new skirt was so perfectly twirly?  I was always a shoe girl.  The memories are fading a bit, but I still remember the ride to the shoe store as a little kid.  I was always on my best behavior because there was NO way I was going to risk the possibility of leaving that store without a new pair of fancy dress shoes.  I loved the smell of the shoe store: new leather and cardboard.  I would suffer the pinching and scraping of an ill-fitting pair if they were beautiful.  I’d smile and nod and tell my mom they were just perfect.  Today, I let my little girls try on the dress clothes they’ll be wearing to an event this weekend.  Their eyes lit up.  There were smiles.  There was much twirling.  There was tap dancing across the floor in brand new Mary Janes.  I wish I still got excited over something so small.  Like dandelions.  Weeds.  Pests.  Things that need to be pulled and destroyed.  To my girls though, they may as well be roses.  They pick them by the handful and when they wilt and bend over the side of the Mason jar, they pick me more.  They love the sunny yellow petals and are so proud when they bring new a new bunch.  Today, I looked at one very closely.  You know what?  Those dang weeds are actually beautiful when you look at the little details that are so easily overlooked.

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Last Saturday was an amazing day.  We had something called, S-U-N.  Have you heard of it!?  All kidding aside, after weeks of awful, rainy weather, our Saturday session was bathed in glorious sunshine!  I was blessed to have another local photographer with me, Dawn of Fly a Kite Photography.  She’s the sweetest and most adorable person.  LOVE her!  Loved this couple too.  They were so fun and quirky and up for anything.  I absolutely live for shooting couples who aren’t afraid to get silly, weird or romantic!

Okay, so I know I always gush on and on about how incredibly awesome my couples are, but I swear to you, I get the BEST couples ever.  I’m sure you already know what I’m going to say about these two, but here it is anyway.  As you scroll through images, do you see what I see?  Because I see happiness.  And isn’t that what this is all about?  Finding that one person who will share the happiness with you for the rest of your lives together…  After weeks of solid rain, we were blessed with a sunny, 70* day for their session.  I’m taking that as a sign of a sunny, happy future for these two beautiful people.  Now, on to what you came here for: