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I decided to showcase my youngest this month.  If you know her, you know that what I type here is not clouded by my relationship with her.  This is my baby and she is one of the most gentle little souls I’ve ever encountered.  I usually like to brag that she’s a clone of myself as a child, but she’s not.   She’s the best of me and the best of her daddy all rolled into a little chunkamunk of sweetness.  When you’re in pain, she feels it and will make every effort to make you feel better.  When she hurts, your heart aches a thousand times more than if you were the one hurting.  When you’re angry, she’ll moonwalk across the floor while beat-boxing and end with jazz hands.  If that doesn’t melt your icy heart, I’m not sure what would.  She asked me one day, what the lines around my eyes were called.  I sighed and told her they were called wrinkles.  She smiled, then told me her favorite part of my smile were my wrinkles.  That they made my face look happy.  She’s changed the way I look at everything.  She feels every emotion so much deeper than most.  It worries me that she’ll be hurt often in life because of that, but I also imagine all the beauty she will bring to others because of it.  If you’ve met her, she likely buried her head into me and didn’t speak to you.  I guarantee you though, she spoke about you when you left and pointed out all the beautiful things about you.  She’s quick to laugh.  She’s a comedian.  She’s a nurturer.  She’s an observer.  She’s a sensitive soul.  She’s quick to cry.  She’s shy.  She’s beautiful.  She’s mine.

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