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Shocker of all shockers…my 4 yr old…(are you ready for this??)…my 4 yr old BEGGED me to “play pictures” with her this weekend!!  *GASP*  What happened to my child??  The one who sees her reflection in glass and bolts in the other direction in the event that I *may* attempt to take her photo!  She only gave me about 90 seconds, but hey, I take what I can get from this kiddo.  She’s got a busy schedule you know.  There were Barbies waiting for her to drive them to the jungle to ride dinosaurs, baby dolls desperately needing 1,908, 283 clothing changes and I think she had a date with Elmo lined up or something.  Anyway…in honor of Valentine’s, here’s one to keep you smiling!

My pretty Valentine