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As a photographer, you get to meet people.  Many, many people.  You learn to read their cues and interpret their interactions with one another.  Tricia and Jonathan immediately struck me as a couple that will grow old together.  I know, I know, NOT what most people want to hear!  “Hey!  You look like a couple of old folks!”  We want to hear that we look like a smokin’ hot, YOUNG couple.  Trust me though, this is quite a compliment.  (And NO, they don’t look like an elderly couple at all! They are quite young and beautiful, as you’ll see shortly!)  Have you ever been sitting in the park, when an elderly couple walks by hand and hand, looking happy and at peace?  You can’t help but smile and hope that one day, that’s you and your loved one.  Tricia and Jonathan seem to have that NOW.  I couldn’t help but smile and be incredibly happy for them and the many wonderful years they will have together.  I feel honored that I will be photographing the joining together of their lives in August when they say their I-do’s!

Now, before you get all jealous over our gorgeous, sunny weather, I’ll have you know that this engagement session was rescheduled many times due to….what else but….RAIN.  We get a lot of that stuff here in the Pacific Northwest, have you heard?  Rain was in the forecast again last Sunday, but fortunately Tricia and Jonathan told me to just hang tight a couple hours because THAT’S how quickly the forecast changes!  They were SO right!  We were blessed with glorious sunshine!  Hours later, it began pouring and I don’t think I’ve seen the sun since.

Tricia and Jonathan, thank you for meeting me and laughing at my bad jokes and letting me hug you at the end of our session (I’m a compulsive hugger.  I’m sorry.  If I spend 3 hours with you, you may be hugged)  I truly hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

We stopped in Portland on our way back home.  We lost the sun, but still had time for a couple shots before it turned pitch black!  What says Portland more than the Freemont Bridge?  It was COLD.  Bless them for putting up with “just a couple more.”

I’m sure you all know that old saying, “Home is where the heart is.”  It wasn’t until I had kids that I realized what it truly meant.  Home isn’t a house, a city, a place you grew up…  For me, home is in those two angelic faces that I read to, rock and chase around the house.  Home is my husbands arms when I’ve had one of those days.  I don’t often share images of my own family, but really wanted to share these with you for a couple reasons!  If you saw my blog post a couple months ago, you would’ve seen that we almost lost our 4 yr old to pneumonia in September.  I realized then that we hadn’t taken family photos in over a year!  This was moved to the TOP of my to-do list.  I kept thinking of all the reasons we hadn’t done them.  I KNOW you know what I’m talking about!  I don’t like my hair cut, I need it colored, I still haven’t lost that dang-flippin’ baby weight (why doesn’t anyone warn you how hard it is to lose after your 2nd kid!?  Huh!?), I had no idea what we’d wear…and on and on…  After our ordeal with our 4 yr old, NONE of that mattered to me.  This is LIFE!  Life is imperfect and that’s what makes it beautiful.  I think back 5 years ago when I decided not to rock that bikini on our beach vacation because I didn’t think I was in “bikini shape.”  Urg.  What was I thinking!?  That was my shot!  In 10 years, will these 10 extra baby pounds (*cough, cough* yep, only 10…mmmm-hmmmm) make any difference?  NO.  I will look at the photos of my family and laugh.  And cry.  And my heart will be overwhelmed with all the memories we’ve made and I will be grateful I put vanity aside and captured our family as we were.  If we don’t take family photos, you can bet that in 10 years I’ll be filled with nothing but regret.  Life is SO short and so very, very precious.  I always want to remember my “home.”

My second point.  The issue a majority of my clients have is not knowing what to wear for their sessions.  Of COURSE a photographer’s dream is to have their clients show up decked out in Anthropologie, the kids in CrewCuts or some obscure boutiquey awesomeness!  You know what though?  Really, truly, honestly (and a slew of other “ly’s”), it is absolutely (see, another “ly”) not necessary to run out and spend hundreds on a new wardrobe.  I decided that my family photos were going to be about US.  The REAL us and not some dressed up facsimile.  I wanted to use as much of what we owned as possible and only supplement with a couple pieces from stores everyone can afford.  So, here’s my secret…much of what we wore came from (dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuun…) our CLOSETS.  I started by picking a color that I love and looks good on me (hey, if mom doesn’t look fab, do you think those photos will end up on the walls!? Not a CHANCE!)  Once I knew I was wearing green, I picked one more base color, brown, then purple as an accent color.  So there you go!  I spent minimally at Target and Old Navy (shirts/sweater for my girls, my scarf).  We were coordinated, comfortable and most importantly, we were ourselves.  I would be happy to go dig through your closets before a session and show you that you DO have something to wear 😉  Come on, let me in!  In all seriousness, I’m here to help you even if that means piecing together outfits from the internet.

Okay, I talk too much.  The pics!  A special thank you to my two amazing friends and photographers who shot our session for us and gave me full editing rights.  Sarah of Berrytree Photography and Shari of Shari Lynn Photography.  I told them what I wanted–I wanted us, playing with our girls.  They captured it beautifully and soon, these will be plastered on my living room walls.