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There is a difference between shooting because you have to and shooting because you LOVE to.  Me?  I shoot because I love to.  It’s my passion and feeds my soul.  Fortunately, I seem to work with couples who understand this and are willing to indulge me!  You know what I love more than anything?  A couple who is madly in love and willing to do whatever I suggest!  (Yes, I can be a bit of a control freak.  My poor, dear husband!)  When I spoke with Kim about what I had in mind for this session, she told me I was free to do whatever I wanted.  Kim is also a photographer (and an extremely talented one!) and understood my insane desire to shoot these images the way I’d envisioned.  We discussed the outcome a bit and talked about styling and what we wanted to bring into the scene.  What I wanted to showcase here was that wedding formals don’t have to be traditional to be beautiful!   Also, by making sure to set aside enough time for your photos, we can sneak away from the craziness of the day and focus on what’s most important, you!  We shot this as a “day after session.”  I love those.  The nerves have died down, you’ve had a beautiful day to celebrate the coming together of your lives and the day after your wedding, you’re still on a love high!

Are you still with me?  I tend to ramble!  I won’t bore you with words any longer.  Here are the images we captured on one of the very last sunny evenings we had here in the Portland/Vancouver area before our 7 months of solid rain moved in!

Kim, thank you!  Enjoy!

I liked Tamara and her mom the minute I met them.  I know, I say that a lot.  Really though, I only work with the most fabulous of the fabulous!  I am one lucky woman!  They were both so warm, quick to laugh, and an absolute pleasure to be around.  I was looking forward to Brian and Tamara’s wedding day because I knew that anyone with that much warmth and personality had to have a great network of friends and family!  Tamara (and I can say the same about Brian, once I was finally able to meet him!) is someone you would love.  Really.  Both were beautiful people inside and out and that was quite evident by the way their wedding guests teared up, smiled and joyfully greeted them on their special day.

The setting: The Red Lion Hotel, Kelso, WA

The day:  Well…rainy and dreary, but no one let it ruin their parade!  Attitude and perception are everything.  You can look outside and cry because it’s raining on your wedding day, or, you can take Tamara’s attitude and smile because life is good and about to get better with the man of her dreams at her side!  I told you you’d love her.

The photos:  We had made lofty plans for gorgeous, sunlit photos and talked about what we’d do if the dreaded “R” word happened…RAIN.  We should have known.  Washington.  In October.  What else would we get, but RAIN?  What Brian and Tamara didn’t realize is that I’ve become quite experienced with shooting weddings in the rain!  I think that’s a prerequisite for becoming a professional photographer in Washington state!  Ha!  Rain, you were NO match for us that day.

Brian and Tamara, it was such a pleasure working with you both!  Your day was beautiful and I know your life together will grow more wonderful by the day.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Tamara and her ADORABLE children!