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I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the title!  I know I rave about each wedding I shoot, but honestly, each one has been FABULOUS!  Of course this day was no exception.  After experiencing some exceptionally high temps in the weeks preceding, we were blessed with one of those late August days you dream about…75*, not a cloud in the sky.  Absolute perfection!  Energy was high from the moment we arrived.  The setting: VFW in Toledo where the bride’s grandfather has been a long-time member.  The bride and groom: anxious to blend their families into one.  The guests: ready to party!

Details, details…

I couldn’t let that awesome board of numbers at the VFW go to waste!

The groom’s boutonniere was extremely important to the couple.  It had been the bride’s grandmother’s corsage.  Unfortunately, her grandmother passed this year, but it was so special to have a piece of her there as a reminder on such a special day.

This song has been running through my head since I first looked through the images from this session!  A mere 2 days prior to our session, we broke our previous record for the highest amount of rainfall in a single hour.  THAT is how rainy it had been!!  What a blessing to wake up to glorious sunshine on Saturday morning!  I had such a wonderful time with this adorable little family.  This little one is quite obviously the center of her mom and dad’s universe; their “sunshine,” and rightly so!  She is a charmer.  Early in our time together, I figured out how to make her smile.  How, you ask?  Well, by simply raving about how beautiful she is, of course!

Now, on to the photos!  It truly was a pleasure spending time with you on Saturday.  Thank  you for willingly going along with my suggestions (despite how you must have felt about having your baby girl on a dirty sidewalk!  …Not to mention the multiple items you had to pull out of her little mouth!)  Enjoy your sneak peek!

After attending an AMAZING seminar this week, it got me thinking…who am I!?  Do my clients and readers know the REAL Amber?  How am I perceived by others?  Merely as a photographer?  A professional?  Or as ME?  I decided to embark on a new journey.  To make a turn on the path I’ve been walking.  II know myself inside and out and am confident in who that person is.  Now I want you to know ME!  The real me, not just the photographer you’ve decided to hire.  I want you to walk into your session saying, ‘hey, I know we haven’t met in real life until now, but I feel like I already know you!’  You know, like the way you feel know your fav celebrity (not that I’m a celebrity or will ever even be close, but you know what I mean 😉 )  So here we go.

First things first, I speak in sentence fragments!  My English teachers probably hated me.  Haha!
I type the way I speak.  I may not always use correct punctuation either!  Sorry, grammar police.
I never wink in person.  I use winky dudes constantly when I type, but I will never, ever wink at you in real life!
I love flip-flops and adorable flats
I love, love a great pair of comfy jeans!  I will likely shoot your session in jeans–not weddings or events, but definitely regular sessions!
I have moments when I feel like a failure as a mom.  I believe that anyone who doesn’t have moments like this in life is in denial!  It’s the things like, “Would my kids be better off in daycare where they can socialize?  Did we choose the right carseat?  Did I give them enough veggies today?  How did I forget the diaper bag AGAIN!?”
I hate being late! I will always be on time or early if I’m getting somewhere alone.  If my children or husband are involved, we will be late.  As much as I hate it, I’ve come to accept it!
I have an incredible sense of direction, but am notorious for getting on freeways going the wrong direction!!  Need to go South?  You can bet I’ll end up going North!
I used to hate my husband’s relationship with his iPhone. I even called it the other woman for awhile!  After a 2 year relationship with my own iPhone, I found myself falling asleep with it on my chest last night!!  I apologized to my husband this morning.
I am a peacemaker.
I love all things vintage and all things modern.  Odd mix, eh?
I am a perfectionist, but am FAR from perfect.  I will admit when I’ve made a mistake. Mistakes make us human and REAL!
I prefer to think friend rather than assume enemy!  Local photographers as competition?  Naw.  I think, colleagues!  Potential friends!
I love meeting new people.
I use a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I type!!!  I know it drives people nuts, but hey, I get excited sometimes 😉
I LOVE wasabi peas.
I treat people the way I want to be treated–with kindness and respect.
I am a courteous driver.  I always hope that allowing someone to merge ahead of me will cause a chain reaction of courteous driving!

So, you feel like you know me a little better now?  Didn’t want all that info?  I apologize.  It’s out there now and I’m feeling liberated!  In fact, brace yourself…there will be more personal posts here from now on!  I may not be a perfect business woman, a perfect wife, a perfect mom; but I’m ME and that makes me happy 😉 (There’s the winky dude again!)

I’m far behind on blogging right now, but PROMISE to have a few recent weddings up on the ol’ blog soon!