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I love my job!  I get to play with adorable babies, sneak little cuddles and send them off with mom when they get tired and cranky!   Miss E was a little leery of me at first, but oh, once she warmed up we had a great time together.  She really wanted her nap more than anything, so I’m very happy that she put up with me long enough to capture her sweet little face!  J family, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!




She needed some mommy cuddles near the end!  Look at that content little face!


I met this family back in late October and after going back and forth with scheduling conflicts, we finally settled on a date for their session.  I was very excited to work with these two teens after all the wonderful things their mother had to say about them.  Well…the day of the session came and it was a whopping 13*F with a windchill of 1*F!!  I thought for sure they would want to reschedule and I was prepared for the disappointment, but they were all for an outdoor session, regardless of weather!  I have to admit, it was C-O-L-D, but so worth it.  It isn’t often that you run into a family like this.  The kids were there humoring their mom as she hadn’t had professional photos taken of them in a long time.  Though it wasn’t the way they would’ve chosen to spend an afternoon, they were there and very cooperative because it’s something she really wanted.  Not only was there an unspoken love and respect for their mom, but for each other as well.  It was so awesome to see teens like this!

Okay, on to the photos!  He had the most amazing dimples, but didn’t want to show them off!



I love this shot for a few reasons and I’ll tell you why.  This was one of those ‘in-between’ moments where she was getting situated  (and freezing her rear end off) while I was getting my gear out and getting set up for some shots.  We had horrible, icy wind blowing and I know she wasn’t happy to be there at the moment.  Her mom and brother were behind me cracking jokes and having a good time and she just lit up at something they said.  I love the movement of her hair in the gusty wind, her gorgeous, natural smile and the genuine look of happiness on her face.  That’s why I love this image and capturing moments like this is why I love my job.


“Back in the saddle again…” I’m sure you know that song!  I’ve been SO buried in album creations, year end orders, last minute card designs and the holidays that I had to clear my schedule for a couple weeks!  I’m about to break for the holidays, but before I do I have a few sessions that I get to finish up!  Taking the photos is my absolute favorite part of the job, so it felt wonderful to get behind the camera again!

I had a holiday session with a very special family yesterday.  They made a long drive to meet with me and had no idea how COLD it was up here this week!  It was 20* with a windchill of around 7*, so our outdoor session became a studio session.  L family, it was so wonderful to finally have the honor of photographing your beautiful family!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


This sweet little guy was short on sleep and a hard one to crack, but we still managed a smile or two!


Isn’t she beautiful!? 3 years old, full of energy and sass, but oh so darling too!