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As I was sitting with my family today,  thinking of all I’m thankful for, I realized that I’m incredibly blessed.  I try to give back as much as I can in life, but  I’m constantly thinking of how I can give more.  I don’t have much, but what I do have is my camera and ability to capture memories.  This holiday season, I’m giving back with a contest worth $1,000.  The details are below!

You know someone.  You know someone who has experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids while holding down more than one job, or is volunteering selflessly despite extenuating personal circumstances.  You know someone who can’t afford custom photography, but who would cherish it this holiday season.  You know someone who deserves a year-round reminder of their family’s spirit, love, and beauty.

You know someone.  I guarantee it.

I want to know who they are and I want to give them the chance to experience complimentary custom photography–$700 worth to be exact.  I’m giving a complimentary session fee and including my Signature Collection, worth $700.  Whether it’s an album, large prints, photos for Grandma, or a slideshow to watch over and over, it’s in your power to give them the artwork they deserve this holiday season.

Oh, and the best part?  The person who nominates the winner receives a complimentary session complete with my Petite Collection–a $400 value!  What better reason to show some love could there possibly be?

The rules (you knew there had to be rules, right!?)

*You cannot nominate yourself and the person nominated must sincerely be incapable of purchasing my services. (Being unable to make mortgage payments for a $2 million dollar vacation home in the Bahamas does not qualify as sincere financial need)

*The nominee must reside in these three areas, the Palouse (ideally), the Seattle area or the Vancouver, WA area.  Tell me who you know, what they’re experiencing and why they deserve my artwork.  Please include a way to contact both your nominee and yourself as well.

*You must include the full story

*All nominations MUST be received no later than December 22nd, 2009 because the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve after being reviewed by a panel of professional photographers!  Now get nominating!!


Open your heart to someone this holiday season–and thanks for giving me the opportunity to open mine!

With love,


When we booked this session we had no idea we were in for SNOW!!  This gorgeous little family met with me Sunday, regardless of the cold.  It was 33 degrees, windy and a bit miserable for them.  I had no room to complain in boots, gloves and a down jacket!  They were troopers, for sure! I was so impressed with how well ittle Miss O did, despite the cold.  Her poor little hands were good and rosy by the end!  We had a good time, made the most of the conditions and hurried back to our warm cars as soon as possible!

C family, it was such a pleasure working with you!  You were naturals in front of the camera.  Thank you for driving out to meet me!  I hope you enjoy this little preview!


It was quite obvious that Miss O has mom & dad wrapped around her little finger!  I could see why…she’s adorable!




I had a mini session with the most adorable little family!  I was absolutely in love with their outfits!  They couldn’t have dressed more perfectly.  We didn’t have much time together, but made the most of what little time we had.  Those poor boys were heavily distracted by a huge birthday party nearby…and when the pinata was brought out, I was out of luck!  Who can blame them!?  I mean, it was a pinata, how fun is that?  Regardless, they did a great job given the circumstances and were so handsome!

A family, I hope you enjoy your preview!



Like I said, these truly are two of the most adorable boys ever!!  I had so much fun with them!


I was recently in San Diego and while there, had the honor of shooting the family of fellow photographer and good friend, Shari of Shari Lynn Photography.   I’ve always known that I was made for warm weather.  After this last session on the sunny shores of the Pacific, I know for certain that I could shoot on the beach every day of my life an be happy!

Shari’s family was so much fun to work with.  Imagine how much energy a typical 3 year old has and multiply that times two!  Those girls are so full of life!  They had me laughing the entire session.  Shari, thank you for allowing me the pleasure of working with your beautiful family.  It’s so clear how much you and T adore those little girls and the love you and T share is amazing.  I hope you enjoy this preview!



I absolutely love that you can see the look of sheer joy on your little one’s face in the reflection in the photo on the right!




And the best part about shooting a fellow photographer?  They pose patiently while  I get to play!


A bit different, but I really thought this turned out pretty cool!