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I’ve been photographing Little C since he was born.  When his mom called me to see if I could also take some shots of his cousin, Big C, I knew he’d be just as awesome to work with as Little C!  Little C was just as darling as ever and gave me some adorable smiles.  Big C is 2 and had little interest in having his photo taken!  He was more into climbing walls, railings and…being a boy!  I love the scrunchy faces he was giving me!  He was so much fun.

Little C.  This one just cracked me up!


Big C!


I had such a great time with the C family!  Those kids are a hoot!  The girls were so wonderful with their little brother and did so well in front of the camera, despite the huge playground 25 feet away!  They were eyeing that thing during the entire session.  It was such a tease!  Poor kids!

The C Family


You do not want to know what I had to do to get all 3 looking at me, let alone SMILING at the same time!  Let’s just say, I made a total fool of myeslf


She was such a little poser!