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I’ve never met a more beautiful pregnant woman!  K was absolutely glowing.  I know that sounds so cliche, but hey, it’s the truth!  K was such a great sport.  I’d forgotten what it was like to have a baby bouncing and kicking around inside, so I didn’t think much of our walk into the arboretum.  K never once complained, but towards the end I know she was exhausted!  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture such a beautiful time in your life!


She hiked up a hill and humored me for this shot!


Meet sweet baby B!  She was a DOLL!  She didn’t fuss at all during this session and was an absolute dream.  I had a fantastic time photographing her and loved meeting you, A family!



The photos speak for themselves here, these sisters were stunning!  Miss L, Miss M and Miss K, you were a JOY to work with!  I felt awful though.  I suggested a specific location, we showed up on a very hot afternoon and the mosquitos were horrible!!  We were being eaten alive!  Oh, and sweet Miss K is only 8 weeks old.  We were all fanning K to keep those suckers from making her into a meal!  Thank you again B family for suffering for the art 😉

I had a difficult time just choosing a couple fav’s from this session!  I loved them all!

I had a sweet couple in the studio this week for photos.  At first I thought it was just for shots of their adorable 6 month old, but soon figured out it was for daddy-son Father’s Day shots.  The love Dad had for this little baby was inspiring.  He coo’d him right to sleep at the end of the session!  He drifted off just like a newborn!  So adorable!




We started this session very early in the morning and it was a little chilly!  Poor little G just wasn’t happy outdoors (I couldn’t blame him!), so we turned this outdoor session into a cake smash for his 1st birthday!  It was so much fun.  Thank you T for being so wonderful and flexible and moving right on into the studio without batting an eye!




Hi G!  I love his little wave here!