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Some children take awhile to warm up to me and the huge camera in their face.  Not Miss M!!  She was chattering at me before fully exiting the car!  I loved it!  She was a crack-up.  Her little brother S was just as friendly.  He totally lit up when big sis was around. It was so refreshing to witness that!  D-W family, thank you for meeting with me the other day.  I had such an awesome time!


A couple fun shots of Miss M


And a darling shot of all 3 children


I feel so blessed.  I get to photograph the most beautiful children!  These two siblings were no exception, each just as precious as the other.  Thank you K family!  I had such a great time with you all.

Look at that impish grin!  She is so full of life!


He was a total crack up!!  Look at that expression!


And on a serious note…  I love when children give a serious, soulful expression



I got a ‘two-fer’ today!  Two adorable children in one session!  Miss O was a ball of fire and made me work for those smiles!  She wanted to play with me, not sit for me 😉  Once I figured out how to get her to sit AND play, I managed to get some smiles out of her!  Little J was just a doll, an absolute doll!

We were playing a game where I made a complete fool of myself, but it was worth it for these smiles!



And sweet J.  So quiet.  So content.


Thank you P family!